I can never hush. Though I don’t talk a lot, my mind is always occupied by any random thoughts.  It could be about books, movies, news, daily life’s activities. Supressing it might lead to insanity. May God forbid!! So, I’d rather express it, write it down and blog it….

Warning: Contents might be annoying, boring, insane?, and stupid!

Some of my posts are my homeworks back in high school and college.


I am an AB Journalism graduate from the University of the East, Manila. I love to read and write. However, I had a few experiences that kept me away from writing for quiet some time. Because of homework deadlines and writing tasks during the 4-year course in college, I kind of lost my enthusiasm in writing. It became more of a responsibility than something that is fun to do. It became more technical than just being creative to express oneself. But now that I am inspired again, I am writing not as a task but as a hobby.